Wednesday, 24 May 2017

YOMG: Krank 'N Burger

Yesterday, after a (somewhat decent) round of bowling at STRIKE, I decided to check out a local burger shop in the area that I had heard some rave reviews of. YOMG (Yo My Goodness) in Glen Waverly specialises in burgers, frozen yogurt, and milkshakes, with a huge menu containing plenty of speciality burgers. In the mood for seafood? Try the "Black Pearl" crab burger with squid ink bun. Chicken? Try the Bergerk. Want a vegetarian option? They got one, with the Vegepalooza. There's even a full vegan Tofu burger option.

In light of this large selection, I decided to try one of their limited special menu items, rather than going for the old standard traditional cheeseburger. I ordered the Krank 'N Burger, which comes with beef, cheese, lettuce, bacon, pickles, mustard, relish, and a whole cheese kransky cut in half and slapped on top of the burger.

I think my wife best described YOMG's burgers: decadent, and the Krank 'N Burger the most decadent of the lot. The milk-based bun was delicious, but heavy. The meat was juicy and tender, but thick. The kransky was an amazing addition, but my arteries cried out in terror. Just the way a good burger should be.

Needless to say, the burger was filling despite not being all that big. The combination of ingredients made the whole thing a little hard to get a handle on, but there wasn't so much sauce and relish that i made a mess. I initially misread the pickle and relish as "pickle relish" or perhaps even sauerkraut, which I believe would have given this burger the extra kick it needed. As it stood, it ended up tasting more or less the same as the Yo My with Cheese - which of course isn't necessarily a bad thing as that burger is also delicious.

The icing on the cake at YOMG was of course the milkshakes. I ordered the blue heaven milkshake, and my wife had one of the speciality salted peanut butter caramel shakes. Mine was an awesome take on an old classic, while my wife's was an incredible taste bud experience. The milkshakes were as rich and filling as the burgers, again, despite being a little on the small side.

A word of warning: if you're planning on visiting, make sure you bring plenty of cash, and be prepared to wait in line. Even on a Wednesday night at 8pm, the place was completely full. I can't imagine the crowds on a weekend... It's also one of the most expensive burgers I've ordered since starting the blog. At $16.50 just for the burger, it puts a bit of a dent in your wallet. The cheapest burger on the menu is the $9.50 Yo My With Cheese, but all of the others range between $12 and $16.50.

The fries as well will set you back $7 just for a "large" without any trimmings. I say large in quotation marks because I assumed it to be along the lines of the large fries I ordered at The Resistance the other week, and be enough for three people to share, but the serving size was quite small. It's honestly what you would expect to receive as a "side of fries" at any other restaurant. They did taste good, with the secret seasoning reminding me of Nando's patented peri-peri salt.

Overall, YOMG was a bit pricey, a bit crowded, but more than made up for it with its delicious, delicious burgers. They even have a full online ordering system where you can pick up your burgers and go home, if you don't want to fight for a table. If you're ever in Glen Waverly, you should check it out!

Taste: 10/10
Construction: 9/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

Verdict: Come for the huge range of speciality burgers, stay for the delicious milkshakes.

Check out YOMG's website for a full menu and to order online.

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